Alex Jacobs

Business and Coffee


Whether by choice or by mistake, I appreciate that you are here.

I am a people-focused business professional currently working in data analysis and quality improvement, but my interests range pretty broadly (product design, coffee, technology, startups, J.R.R. Tolkien, pop culture, design, consumer experience, etc.). I graduated from Western Kentucky University (where I met my outrageously out-of-my-league graphic designer wife Lindsey) with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and worked in the local Bowling Green coffee shop (where a casual hobby became an obsession) until I moved back to the Louisville, KY area (where my wife and I tried to start our own coffee business but ended up starting a family instead).

This website serves as a prospectus for my growing portfolio, a catalogue of the cafes I’ve visited, and a medium through which I can share my professional thoughts and developments. I hope that after exploring this site you will leave edified and encouraged.