Welcome to my blog!

   Whether by choice or by mistake, I appreciate that you are here. The purpose of this site, as you might find, is two-fold: 1.) cataloguing an ever-growing number of coffee shops around the country for anyone who is in a foreign land (so to speak), desperately in need of a great cup of coffee but unsure of where to find it, and 2.) detailing my experiences with each shop so that readers can know ahead of time whether they can enjoy a mug and a snack in the cafe or plan to snag a cup to go. My wife and I love to travel when we can so I will update as often as I am able.

   Occasionally, my published thoughts will stray from coffee and articulate an opinion or musing on another subject. If at some point I write something that you find questionable and offensive, please feel free to contact me directly so that we can discuss your concerns and I may consider revising my statement(s) in question. I do not take your virtual presence or actual person lightly and I am glad that you are here.